Casino Royale

casinoroyaleSoundtrack k filmu složil cenou Grammy oceněný skladatel David Arnold (Independence Day, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, Godzilla).

1. African Rundown
2. Nothing Sinister
3. Unauthorised Access
4. Blunt Instrument
6. Solange
7. Trip Aces
8. Miami International
9. I`m The Money
10. Aston Montenegro
11. Dinner Jackets
12. The Tell
13. Stairwell Fight
14. Vesper
15. Bond Loses It All
16. Dirty Martini
17. Bond Wins It All
18. The End Of An Aston Martin
19. The Bad Die Young
20. City Of Lovers
21. The Switch
22. Fall Of A House In Venice
23. Death Of Vesper
24. The Bitch Is Dead
25. The Name`s Bond… James Bond

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